Cherry Casino and the Gamblers made their first public appeareance in august 2002 at the famous „Brandenburg- Weekender“ in Werder/Berlin and went down very well. The Boys have built up a huge following of fans, all over Europe. Constant touring, and their dynamic live stage show has won Cherry Casino a huge legion of devoted fans. Five funny faces break the ice in less than a second every time they appear with their well blended mix of early R&B and furious Rock and Roll ! 2005 continued in the same vain with one little difference...After all the live shows they were preparing themselves to cut their first album "Let´s Play Around". It was released in February 2006 followed by the album "Fat Mama´s Daughter" in 2008.

It´s a rather tough task to try and categorize the music of Cherry Casino and The Gamblers. It certainly is music to dance to and have fun with but also music that features a heavy after-beat and a breathless singing style that listeners of all ages can enjoy. This is the mixture that has helped Cherry and the boys zoom to the top and gain their world-wide reputation as one of the hottest bands in the rock and roll genre!

Cherry is in the headlines again - this time not for another of his most exciting stage shows backed by his exuberant and talented group The Gamblers - but for the long awaited release of his brand-new long playing album.Teen-agers all around the world were fascinated and taken by the strength of his first two albums "Let´s Play Around" and "Fat Mama´s Daughter", both on Rhythm Bomb Records. Cherry´s belting delivery not only stands out vividly on record but also with his personal appearances, which accounts for his universal popularity... especially with the teen-age contingency.

What´s so special about the sound of Cherry Casino? The key is that his recordings sound like a mirror image of his stage appearances. When you drop the needle on your Hi-Fi you could almost think Cherry and The Gamblers were performing right in your living room! These songs are as crisp and refreshing as a glass of ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day.

The band plays classic 1950´s Rock and Roll with catchy lyrics and hard driving guitar/sax lead breaks and is trying to come as close as possible to the magic sounds of the era. Cherry loves T-Bone Walker, Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner and all kinds of mirrors.